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    Maximize your model velocity

    The key to driving transformative business impact lies in your ability to traverse the end-to-end model development and deployment process rapidly, repeatedly, and consistently.

    How quickly and effectively you can do this is a measure of your Model Velocity, and how it changes over time helps you track your progress toward becoming a model-driven business.

    Take this free 10-minute assessment to understand your risks and get actionable recommendations across the four stages of the data science lifecycle.

    Groundbreaking new capabilities to maximize model velocity

    Unleash Data Science Across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

    With Domino Nexus, you protect data sovereignty, reduce
    compute spend, and future-proof your infrastructure.

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    Customers and analysts love the impact on model velocity

    We’ve implemented a multi-cloud strategy along with Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform to increase our model velocity so we can address customer needs in a quarter of the time it used to take us.

    Antoine Ly
    Head of Data Science, SCOR

    Best Practices

    Governing data science by example instead of edict

    See how the world’s fourth-largest reinsurer has taken a model-driven approach to help clients control and manage risk — natural risks, climate risks, health risks, geopolitical risks, cyber risks, and many others.

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    Through our best practices and use of Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform we’ve been able to accelerate model deployment by as much as six times. This increase in model velocity significantly improves our ability to get information into the hands of our clients faster and solve their challenges in ways that would previously have been impossible.

    Jacob Grotta
    General Manager of Banking Operating Unit, Moody's Analytics

    Case Study

    Driving Customer Value and Efficiency by Transforming Model Development and Deployment

    A more than 50% reduction in the time to move models into production enables Moody’s Analytics to get information into the hands of clients faster.

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    Domino 5.0 is all about...addressing model velocity so enterprises can essentially get more models into production running successfully in a repeatable and scalable way, and in so doing, run their business on them.

    Krishna Roy
    Senior Research Analyst, Data Science & Analytics, 451 Research

    Market Insight Report

    Domino Data gives its enterprise data science platform a makeover with model velocity in mind

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    Nothing is more expensive for an enterprise than an AI model that’s sitting and waiting for deployment, delaying its benefits for enterprise acceleration. It’s good to see vendors like Domino Data Lab helping enterprises to increase model velocity.

    Holger Mueller
    Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research


    Domino Data Lab’s newest release promises to accelerate AI model development

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    Learn more about Domino 5

    See why over 20% of the Fortune 100 trust the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform for their mission-critical data science work.